Meet The Founder

-Halee Westbrook is a regular 15 year old teenager with a passion for being a shining beacon of light in a dark world. Halee’s key goal in blogging is abolishing low expectations for teenagers, helping young people rise to a new standard, and equipping them with the resources and support they need to live a set apart life for Christ.

You can find her at her book/writing blog at Writer Ramblings & Things.  She’s an intern at Crown Of Beauty Magazine, a ministry for young girls; you can also find her at her social media below:

Instagram: @themodernabolitionist

Twitter: @haleewestbrook


GoodReads: @haleewestbrook(themodernabolitionist)

Facebook Page (film + book project): @songsoftheredeemedfilm


Halee’s life was changed when she re-committed her life to Christ at 13, and when she read Do Hard Things by Alex & Brett Harris, which set a catalyst and passion for reminding young people of their potential.