Sabina Wurmbrand-A Woman Totally Dedicated To The Cause Of Christ.


Sabina Wurmbrand (1913-2000) was a woman who chose to sacrifice a comfortable life, accepting society for what it was, and having her family all safe at home together for a life of prison, hardship, and separation from her husband and son.

Instead of folding laundry and washing dishes, she spent her days witnessing in disease infested jail cells to the prostitutes, gypsies, thieves, and political activists held captive. Instead of giving up or giving into depression, she was known for showing true love, forgiveness and God’s strength to everyone who met her.

Instead of wallowing in self pity at her plight, she chose to trust that the current state of her life was a part of His bigger plan. The plan that would later influence the lives of martyrs across the world.

Sabina and Richard (her husband) were always looking over their shoulder, never knowing if they were about to be arrested for preaching and teaching the truth. Over the span of 20 years or so, they both were stuck in separate Romanian Communist labor camps. There were many times when she considered doing what every other normal prisoner’s wife would do-divorce him or consider him dead as a means to move on with her life. But she never did! Even in the uncertainty of not knowing if he was even still alive, she kept praying, kept teaching, and kept the faith He had sustained in her for years. 

Finally, when both of them were released from prison for the last time, they were able to work as a family to build and grow the Underground Church. She wrote in her autobiography, (The Pastor’s Wife), “We lived dangerously. And we were never bored.”

This is the kind of reckless abandon that is so intensely needed in our modern world of tolerance and political correctness. We need a new generation of teenagers and young people who aren’t afraid of the gospel, who pray without fear, and who do the right thing, even when there are consequences.

We need a revolution of young men and women who don’t apologize for what they believe. A revolution that helps one another, shares the truth, and DOESN’T bite their tongue when Jesus’ name is spat on.

Sabina Wurmbrand is a amazing example of living victoriously even while the world around you is in ruins. She is a testament to our God that He always protects those in His family, despite what it currently seems like. I am so grateful to be able to know her story in this day and age of weak Christianity.


(Even years later, they never forgot the heart-breaking life their fellow prisoners were dealing with, so they started a non-profit organization called Voice Of The Martyrs, serving persecuted Christians worldwide.)


-Halee Westbrook



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