3 Ways To Stay Sane As A Teenager.


So, being a teenager. Well, for starters, it’s crazy. You’re in this 5-6 year range of trying to figure out who you are, what you’ll be, and what God wants you to do with your life in the first place.

You’re getting older and being introduced to responsibilities that you never signed up for and are so excited about all at the same time. You are getting to know people, growing friendships and finding someone you may be interested in dating.

You realize there’s such a thing as being careful with what you eat, paying for your own gas for your own car, (with your own money!), making choices in our education, fighting real temptation, and all kinds of other things we wish we never had to deal with. All of this can stink. Quite a bit, actually. 

What are we supposed to do with all of these panic-inducing situations piled on top of our already busy plates? How are we supposed to get through these rough years in a sane, GODLY way? It is hard.

Is there a solution or a way to tame the crazy moods we may have in this season of life?

Well, yes and no. Sorry, but the best way to completely get rid of teenage-type craziness is simply to grow up into an adult….And, that’ll be a few years. BUT, I DO believe there are ways we can calm ourselves and take the focus off of us, just a few things I’ve learned in the past few years.

1). Dig Into Your Bible…With Reckless Abandon.

The authority in our lives tell us this already, but I can’t stress Bible studying enough. I don’t just mean reading your Bible because everybody tells you to. Not reading your Bible because you should or because it’s what’s expected of you. I am urging you to search the Scriptures as if it was your lifeline, because it is.

Jesus gave us so much more than just a book full of good lessons and stories to entertain our lazy brains and tickle our complacent hearts. 

It will give us an answer to every life problem, a way out of every temptation and addiction, comfort in every sorrow and instruction for any path we may take. Start in books like Daniel, Romans, Philippians, Proverbs and Psalms.

2). Chase A Relationship With God. 

In a culture and at an age when everything is vying for our attention, it is imperative to keep our focus set on HIM. I can’t even hope to handle my emotions and problems unless I am striving for closeness with the Lord. Even Jesus Himself daily pursued His Father in prayer, waking up early to listen to His voice, and worship Him in solitude. It’s not an option to settle for a “Sunday-School faith” and still expect to survive the many pressures of Middle, High School, and College.

3). Be Intentional. 

Be intentional with everything you do. Don’t hang out with party people and druggies and wonder why you’re struggling with peer pressure. Don’t watch R-Rated movies with explicit scenes and language, then get mad at your parents when they notice you copying the media you consume. Don’t date to have fun yet question where you went wrong when you end up making bad decisions.

I believe we as teens could save ourselves heartache and confusion if we would only make an effort to filter our lives through HIM. Many times we don’t mean to end up in difficult situations, but rather it’s a result coming from a series of mindless behaviors.

Pay close attention to every song, every friend, every movie, every activity, every motive, every thought, every book, every video, every “like” and follow, every passing comment, and all the many life-impacting moments we may choose to live in or let pass. 







One thought on “3 Ways To Stay Sane As A Teenager.

  1. Joann Westbrook

    Great input for not only teenagers but also adults and senior adults (my age!). God’s Word is applicable for young, teenagers, adults, seniors….its message never has an expiration date, and it is up-to-date for every generation. Oh, if we all would get into God’s Word….dig deep…ponder….meditate….soak it in…! Taking time to truly study God’s Word is more than worthwhile, it is life-changing! Thank you for sharing your thoughts! It is such a great encouragement to me as well as anyone who has to live in this chaotic and confusing, but also exciting time of life! Jesus is the reason for the season! Love you!



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