Relationships God’s Way


As I look around, I see people my age, and younger, dating around, and giving their hearts to multiple people. These people they date and give parts of their hearts to, they typically stop dating a couple weeks or months later. Even couples that have been together for years, often end up in heartbreak.

Is there a higher standard? Is there a better way for relationships?

As I have sought God and as my parents have taught me, yes, there is a far better way. This way is God’s way. It is the only way that brings true life, love, joy, and peace. It prospers, while the worldly ways of dating fade away and bring sadness.

-One huge thing that a relationship (or to prepare for it) involves is seeking Jesus & praying & reading the Word. By doing so on a regular basis, it puts God where He is supposed to be in your life – the First, the Foremost, the Most Important One. Oftentimes, our significant others can take the place of God in our lives. Matthew 6:33 says: “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”

When we seek God and His everlasting kingdom first, all other things we need that are in His Will will be added to us.

-We don’t have to seek getting a girl/boyfriend, because if we seek God first it will be added to us. We can trust that. We can surrender our love stories to Him and live our single lives in contentment. We don’t need a significant other if we don’t have one right now. If we did, God would surely give it to us. Trust in His plan and surrender your love life to Jesus. I know that whether or not you or I ever get married, God has amazing plans for the both of us.

-Another great thing to do is to pray for your future spouse. I find it really encouraging to think that there is someone out there who God has predestined for me to marry who could be praying for me. I want to start praying for him now, so that when we come together for a relationship, we will both be ready. On the day that I pray for him, I also pray for some of my weaknesses. Yup. A bunch of the things I pray over him, I pray over me. Why? Because we both have weaknesses. I want to be ready for him when he comes. I want to be mature in Jesus.


-The last thing I want to talk about is that God’s plan for romance is with a man & a woman.

In our world today, we often confuse this, and think it’s ok for people of the same sex to have  a relationship, when, in reality, it is NOT God’s plan.


In the start of the Bible, in the very beginning, God made man and woman and said it was good. Same sex romance is NOT ok in His way. It doesn’t have the same beauty that a relationship written by Jesus can! The world’s ways of temporal relationships, whether it be same sex romance, having intimate relations before marriage, throwing your heart around from person to person, etc, all will fall away. The way that is eternal and so so beautiful is God’s way. So many broken hearts are around us, when the Gospel & God’s way are our guides. They are what are meant to guide us in all areas of life, including romance. It’s the way, the truth, our light through the darkness. Rely on God and His way and His Word to guide you in all areas of life.

Proverbs 4:23 says: “Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.”


Guard your heart from sin.


 Strive to put Jesus first.


 Seek His Kingdom first and you will have a beautiful life in Jesus.


Yes, there will be hardships and times when you want someone by your side to love you. However, you have Jesus. You can trust Him. You can know He loves and cares for you more than anyone ever will. Trust Him, seek Him, believe Him at His word. You are so loved!!

Caitlyn is a contributing author for The Modern Abolitionist. To read more from her, visit her blog.

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