Fake Confidence VS. Grounded Confidence


Fake confidence is cool and collected when they’re in control, in a good mood, around people they like, etc. 

Grounded confidence is contentedly happy no matter who they’re with or whatever situation they face. 

Fake confidence tosses and turns, and changes day to day. It is unstable and relies on others’ compliments to fuel itself 

Grounded confidence is solid on who they are truly, when no one is watching, when no one is there to see their accomplishments, and is rooted in the truth that Christ thinks highly of them even when no on else does. 


Fake confidence will show its true colors eventually-it may be a good mask for awhile, but overtime it will erode and show the character underneath…..Insecurity. 


This is why we must never place our value in things (including ourselves) that will pass away. We must have a quiet confidence, not a personality that needs to boasts in itself…..But the exact opposite. 

A humble, grounded confidence is built and developed by storms of tribulation. 

Grounded confidence is gained by not depending on what others think. 

Grounded confidence will come only when we lay down our feelings, our desires to be accepted, our insecurities and just trust in God. Our God who never, ever, ever makes mistakes. 




One thought on “Fake Confidence VS. Grounded Confidence

  1. Nice post! I agree- true confidence comes from knowing that God created us and God does not make mistakes! He loves us, He has a purpose and a future for us, and we are His children. It is really easy to just put on a mask and play the role of a confident, carefree person, but we really can’t be truly and fully confident until we hand over our lives and purposes to God.

    Sorry, I rambled a bit there, but this post definitely got me thinking😂 Awesome job!


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