Rollercoaster Feelings-You Stink


I’ve noticed something about my feelings, about how quickly they come and go…I’ve noticed how unreliable they are and constantly changing.

This can apply to many things in life. We shouldn’t let our feelings dictate how we treat others, how we eat, how we date, choose jobs, etc.

So, I’m going to come at another angle now…..What about the way we see ourselves? Here’s my story on it:

I have had a life of bad self-esteem. I’ve heard ALL the advice, ALL the pep talks on body image, ALL the encouragement, and YES, I’ve had Psalm 139 dropped into my lap by a ton of well-meaning friends-but nothing quite killed this sense of failure looming around my mind….until now.

Yesterday, >June 12, 2017< it was a sunny day, I was feeling extremely happy, fulfilled in Christ and good about my appearance (not prideful, mind you…Just content). And it was an overall REALLY good day. I was singing, being nice to my family, being productive…..AND THEN.

This morning I woke up-and oh boy-I felt oh so differently than I did yesterday! Today as soon as my eyes saw myself in the mirror I was angry, I was gloomy…..The world and all its inhabitants were getting on my nerves….And it all started by me being unhappy with the way I looked!!

I knew this mindset was wrong, but I couldn’t get out of it.

Here’s what changed my attitude; my perspective of myself.

I thought for a moment about how sick I am of being so wishy-washy. I mean, thinking positively about myself one day, then the next feel like the scum of the earth! Did I really want to continue to live like this? Do I want satan to constantly have this stronghold over me-telling me how I look, how dumb/fat/ugly I am? No.



As much as this culture thinks that giving a pep talk on how “worth it” we are, how “beautiful we look”, with people trying to make us feel better by reassuring us of these things…..While this might make us feel good for a moment, guess what? Feelings change, right? And because opinion changes, and our perspectives do as well, we CAN’T rely on OURSELVES OR OTHERS to tell us how we look. It just doesn’t make me feel better at all…..

Here’s the other thing. Psalm 139 is an absolutely amazing passage that WILL totally transform how you see yourself, but only IF YOU LET IT. Most of the time I don’t “feel” the connection to that Scripture about myself….So-this is when we have to tell ourselves that FEELINGS JUST DON’T MATTER.



James 1 says in verses 6 and 7, that the doubter is like the surging sea, driven and tossed by the wind; he is unstable in all his ways. This is sending a clear picture that we must care about one thing when we are doubting what God says about us.

God doesn’t make junk. He just doesn’t. We were created in His image, and we just CAN’T dislike ourselves or think there’s something wrong with the creation-because that would mean we thought there was something wrong with the Creator.

Next time you see another girl/guy and feel that nagging whisper of comparison creeping up on you; remember.

We don’t have to FEEL something about ourselves to BELEIVE it. 

While thinking of ourselves as handsome/beautiful, smart, etc doesn’t “feel” correct, God thinks pretty highly of you…And honestly that’s all that matters.


(Okay. Now go read Psalm 139….It’s pretty epic now that you’ll believe it. ^_^)



One thought on “Rollercoaster Feelings-You Stink

  1. Tom Westbrook

    Great word! If believers would believe, right? “We walk by faith, not by sight ” (or feelings) 2Cor.5:7.
    Good reminder that we should spend more time in the Faithbook rather than “Facebook”. It will tell us the truth! Thank you!


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