To be Broken.


//To be broken at His feet is to be fully present in HIS presence.

//To be broken is to be desperate and in dire need of His love.

//To be broken is to be in need of healing, healing that only Christ can give.

//To be broken is beautiful, God’s handiwork is alive in you.

//To be broken after years of running, years of the struggle, and finally coming to the realization that you are NOT in control, THAT is a miracle.

//To be broken is to feel alive.

//To be broken is to come to terms with His amazing grace.

To be broken is to be human.

//To be broken is normal, and expected for the Christian.


//To be broken is to be beautifully flawed. -October Baby

//To be broken is a glorious place to be in your walk with the Lord. It’s the place of restoration, healing, and amazing freedom from our cages.

Lift your head….And be okay with not being okay; His grace is covering all of your doubt. 


~By His Grace,



One thought on “To be Broken.

  1. Tom Westbrook

    Great word! GOD will use nothing or no one who is not first broken. Examples: The little boy’s loaves and fishes; …”HE took the loaves and blessed it and BROKE it”- and it blessed 5,000 people; Mary’s alabaster box of perfume… when she broke it for JESUS it not only blessed HIM, but filled the room with a sweet aroma of devotion; Gideon’s lamps in earthen jars…when the jars were broken the light was seen by the enemy and they panicked, killed each other, and GOD won the victory with 300 versus many thousands. “This treasure GOD has placed in earthen vessels” speaks of what each of us has inside of us awaiting to be released for GOD’s glory only through brokenness. JESUS body was broken for us, and HIS brokenness blessed an entire universe. Your post is a great reminder to every believer that: “What HE claims I must yield; what I yield HE accepts; what HE accepts HE fills; what HE fills HE uses for HIS glory”. And what HE uses is first ALWAYS broken so HE can mold it for HIS purpose.


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