O Weary Mama


(The following blog post is a poem-style chunk of writing….I have a heart for hurting/busy moms, and while I realize that has little to do with the normal category of this website, I still wanted to post. Teens: share this with your mom, and to the moms who may be reading this: enjoy.)

 O weary mama, when will you find your rest? 

Weary mama, when will you stop struggling for the bar? It has to be exhausting. 

O weary mama, every time I see you I find defeated eyes and attitude, and I notice you no longer live life with passion anymore. 

Do I have to tell you these things, and make you remember? 

O weary mama, Christ says your little ones are precious, and the very children who test your patience level will one day test the faith of those they meet. 

Your hands do a great work, weary mama, and through you the Kingdom is being broadened! 

Did you know that you are not only changing dirty diapers and socks, but also lives and hearts? 

Now, pull your socks up and wipe the tears off your face, beautiful mama! For God looks down at you and sees a precious treasure! 


~By His Grace,


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