When God says “go” but doesn’t say where.


Around Spring Break of 2016 I was visiting San Antonio on a mini vacation with my grandparents. We actually were staying in a hotel that had a balcony perched right above the river-walk (which made for some enjoyable nights spent listening to road noise and music outside). On the last night we were there I was sitting outside reading my my cute little FaithGirlz NIV Bible and I was stopped in Matthew. I don’t know, something about reading about serving and mission and Jesus’ work was inspiring. I listened. No phone. No books distracting me. My grandparents were just inside the room and it was ME. AND GOD. Beautiful.

NOTE: Just to set the stage a bit, I’m NOT the type who “hears” from God audibly or is one of those people that has spiritual experiences often. Just thought I’d note that.***

“What do you want me to do, Lord?” Sitting. Waiting.


I suck in a nervous breath. “Where?”

“Go out.”

And with a feeling of peace that passes all human understanding, I prayed He would show me what or where or how in the world I’m supposed to go. Yet, here I am. Nearly a year later. And I want to tell you what I have done to keep sane while waiting for His answer.

So, what do we do when God tells us to go, but doesn’t tell us where?

The answer is one that doesn’t appeal to our flesh side, it doesn’t appeal to our busy body side; the part of us who wants things to be orderly and pretty and moving along smoothly.

The answer is prayer. 

We pray, we pray hard!

We need to pray for peace, protection, guidance, wisdom, clear understanding, a ready path, and clarification.

We need to pray hourly, not for YOUR benefit, but for the Kingdom’s benefit. 

No need to worry about deciphering what God has planned for you, wait for His answer and be available.

The most important things you can do in the waiting period is this: seek the Lord and de-clutter your life so that when the time comes for Him to answer your questions, you will be quiet enough to hear His still, small voice.

So keep the path, faithful servant! (Even when you don’t know where you’re supposed to serve!) 

~By His Grace,



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